How To Decide How Much Pool Table Room Size Needed

What is Important?

There is one important factor you need to consider before making a choice of the pool table you want to get. You need to consider pool table room size you need for your pool table. This will affect everything else. You need to have enough room for the table as well as for the players. Having enough room space for your pool table matters a lot; it is a calculation you have to take extremely seriously when you want to get your pool table. You can know the room size you need when you know the exact dimensions of pool table you need. Otherwise, even if the table manages to fit into the room, the players will be banging against the walls or even the ceilings with their butts and shafts of cue sticks when they are playing. When that happens, it takes away the fun of the game.


Make Adequate Calculation For the Cue

Most people forget to add cue into consideration when they are calculating the room space they need for their tables.

It goes without saying that you need sufficient space to allow you play the game. Most people try to fix this by getting mini-cues, unfortunately, that will only reduce the fun. Shooters using the table need to be able to enjoy five feet of clear space on every side of the pool table. You need that space to allow for cues to be stroked comfortably.

To get the right space for your cues, add ten feet to the dimension of your pool table. Below, we have provided some recommended spaces for your pool table of various sizes:

  • 14½ by 19 feet of floor space or more for a 4½-foot-by-9-foot table
  • 14 feet by 18 feet of floor space for a 4-foot-by-8-foot or “bar” table
  • 13½ feet by 17 feet of floor space for a 3½-foot-by-7-foot table


Should You Buy a Smaller or Larger Pool Table?

When considering your pool table room size, you should also consider whether to invest in a smaller or larger pool table. Most people will settle for smaller pool tables when they have small space. Unfortunately, this will limit your opportunity to enjoy a high-level play.


However, if you want to buy a larger pool table such as 9-foot table but you discovered you won’t have enough cue space, you should consider buying an 8-foot table or lower so it can fit into your pool table room size.

In a pool game, it is an open-secret that bigger tables are better. If you are really serious about getting better in this game or even playing at a professional level sometime in the future, you should get the biggest table you can afford.

The fact is that if you are used to playing in larger pool tables, you will be amazed at how good you will play anytime you find yourself playing on smaller tables. If you don’t have enough space in your home, consider improvising by knocking down a few walls. This act may seem like going extreme, but it is important if you want to enjoy your pool game to the maximum or take your game to the next level.


Other Things You Need to Have in Mind

Note that the size of the table, as well as the pool table room size, are not the only factors to be considered when you want to purchase a new pool table. There are other important factors that will affect your game and you need to put these factors into consideration.


Some of these factors include:

Light Fixtures

Ideally, you will need to install bright light fixtures in your preferred room before you have your pool table delivered. Make sure that the fixtures are far off and won’t be an impediment to your game.


Area Rugs

It is best to have the pool table on the bare floor but if you plan on using area rugs, make sure you get the nonslip types and ensure it is secured in place before you have your pool table delivered.

Before you finally decide to put in your order, check the passageway to the room. You need to ensure that you can able to carry the pool table all the way to the room chosen for it. You don’t want to go through the trouble of getting your pool room ready only to find out at the last minute that the pool table cannot pass to the room. Put your passageway into consideration when taking your measurement.

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